KNX-DALI Gateways

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Launch since 2004 several products

Challenge Interfacing KNX and DALI despite their individual different core functionalities, addressing modes and command rates.

Solution The first gateway was designed to address each single DALI device directly from the KNX bus. Another gateway is equipped with a unique algorithm which calculates at runtime based on the current lighting situation and the commands from the KNX bus the most effective usage of the DALI group addresses. All new-generation gateways now also feature the emergency lighting functionality.

Further challenge The most common method for initial short address assignment on the DALI bus is based on a random mechanism. The user typically has to teach-in a list to connect the KNX addresses with the DALI short addresses. The replacement of a single defect gateway implies the loss of the entire connection list so that the teach-in process has to be reinstated.

Solution Lichtvision developed a totally new approach which works without any connection and linking list at all to avoid that. By using a graphical user interface, the DALI addresses are sorted to match and correspond with the KNX addresses.