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What is the advantage of the collaboration between PISEO and Lichtvision?

When it comes to customized lighting design, the application defines the solution, and the lighting design is defined by the light distribution. Therefore, custom solutions require both application-specific design expertise and optics development experience. PISEO and Lichtvision combine these capabilities in a unique way.

What is the experience behind this offering?

PISEO’s engineering team has many years of experience in developing indoor and outdoor lighting optical systems for market-leading companies – from concept to production. Lichtvision, with its global presence, has developed lighting solutions around the world with the world’s leading architects. We combine these strengths to provide cutting-edge solutions with a high level of practicality.

How might a project begin?

We usually start with a feasibility study, because clarifying the task is a crucial first step. Only when the task has been clarified does it make sense to examine the possibilities for realization. A feasibility study is a valuable step in reducing the risk of a project and clarifying the options.

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