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We qualify every DALI installation so that commissioning runs smoothly. In our opinion, you need an on-site DALI tool that allows you to identify, document and rectify problems in DALI installations yourself. A simple DALI installation check. We understand that it needs to be as easy to use as a multimeter. That’s why we developed ProbitSite | The DALI multimeter by combining our 25 years of DALI experience into one simple handheld device. Simply connect ProbitSite to the DALI lines and it will automatically detect any problem. DALI debugging made easy.


  • DALI installation check – We provide transparency for any DALI installation to ensure its quality.
  • Use SmartScan to recognize and read each device without touching the configuration.
  • Prove and document the proper functioning of the DALI installation. Avoid the need to come back later.
  • ProbitSite measures the quality of the DALI signal. Ideal for DALI debugging.
  • Identify devices that are not DALI certified. A good starting point if things are not running smoothly. ProbitSite automatically compares the installed DALI devices with the DiiA database of certified products.
  • Thanks to the integrated DALI power supply, ProbitSite can work on really any installation.
  • The ProbitSite is compatible with the ProbitBench software to enable additional functions. Use its mediator feature to transmit IEC62386 commands and to display the corresponding answer.
  • This DALI tool is suitable for the construction site: battery-operated, robust housing, low weight.
If you want to know more about our DALI installation tool for the construction site, please feel free to look at this video or to contact us. The manual can be found here.
ProbitSite DALI Multimeter
ProbitSite DALI Multimeter

Key facts

  • On-site DALI tool, ideal for DALI debugging
  • DALI installation check
  • Complies with: IEC62386 – 101 – 103, 201-209, 216-224, 250-253, 301 – 306, 332 – 333
  • 3.5” high luminance display
  • Smart Scan on DALI bus
  • Certification & signal check
  • Automated protocol
  • Integrated Bus Power Supply, guaranteed min. 190mA, max. 250mA
  • Powered by built-in high capacity battery

Technical specification

  • Charging 5VDC 500mA via USB-C
  • Built-in memory for >30.000 bus reads 
  • Connection to DALI bus via 4mm banana jacks
  • TFT display 320 x 480 px with 600cd/m²
  • LiPo battery with approx. 8h runtime
  • Size approx. 80mm x 165mm x 27mm
  • Weight approx. 300 g
  • GTIN: 4262466940009

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