ProbitGears | DALI Simulation Tool


“We made it because we needed it

              and then we realized that everyone needs it.”


Close the Gap

Our DALI simulator tool to secure the quality of DALI controllers: Your DALI controller is certified, well done – the interface is correct.
But no one has checked your application yet.

Give your DALI controller or DALI emergency lighting controls the ultimate reality test, and rely on a trouble-free performance in the field – the perfect DALI simulation.

If you are looking for a DALI tool for the construction site, you might be interested in our ProbitSite.

ProbitGears | DALI Simulator Tool


64 Simulated DALI Luminaires

Replace expensive and extensive test setups. Save space, material, costs, and time at once. This DALI simulator tool is the most efficient way for testing your control devices.

ProbitGears | DALI Simulator Tool - Connectors


Check the Invisible

This DALI simulation tool allows insight to all variables. Actual level, dimming speed, scene level or the random address – you can watch them all – online and in real time.

ProbitGears | DALI Simulator Tool - Side, DALI Emergency Lighting

Test Beyond the Ordinary

ProbitGears not only displays all the parameter of the DALI simulation, but furthermore you can modify every single one of them – at run time!


Emergency Lighting

Developing a DALI control for emergency gears: 3h for a duration test and 24h to recharge. You can’t wait all this time for just one test.

With simulated batteries of any speed, you can do. ProbitGears, the ideal tool to simulate DALI emergency lighting.

DALI Emergency Lighting


Set up in no Time

Connect your DALI controller with 4mm labor plugs and your PC via USB – that’s it.



A Matter of Perspective

With ProbitBench use the tree view to navigate through the large number of variables or the table view to see all the control gears at once.



Keep Growing

Just start with the basic functions and expand with activation codes when you need.



“ProbitGears is an essential tool

     for our DALI development projects.”

Mr. Thomas Gaudriot
Team Leader and Product Owner
Schneider Electric SE (Paris, France)

Technical Data – DALI simulator tool

  • DALI Simulation
    Control gears: 65
    Device Types: Self Contained Emergency, LED, Colour Control
  • Connectors
    DALI: 4mm Laboratory Jack
    PC: Mini-USB
  • Power
    via USB: min. 400mA
  • Dimensions
    Size: 94 x 144 x 26 mm
    Weight: 180g
  • Software
    ProbitBench: Simulator tab

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