Beginning Production

The transition from development to mass production requires a partner who knows both sides of the fence: Someone who can set the wheels in motion and insure there won't be any problems during the initial, critical production start. Lichtvision delivers all necessary documentation for a smooth production run. Clear, succinct and complete. From the Bill of Materials (BOM) and the Gerber Files for circuit boards through to Pick'n'Place files or PDF files for hand assembled components.

We can handle your manufacturers - whether they have technical questions about functionality or want to use a substitute for a specific component. Lichtvision insures consistently high production quality: by designing and delivering quality control equipment; by coaching employees on the production line regarding testing procedures; by diagnosing and repairing defective equipment returned for service. In this way possible weak links in the production process can be quickly identified and remedied. The result is an optimal production process - from Day One.