Lichtvision performs extensive testing on every product we develop. Before production begins, we insure your product will meet certification requirements and conform to any standards that may apply. This includes electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), electrostatic discharge (ESD) and environmental concerns that might arise during transport, storage or during operation: How does the product react to impact? Temperature changes? How much humidity is acceptable? We also handle any possible KNX-Certification - working in direct contact with the accredited testing laboratory.

The client specifies which tests and qualifications we perform on the product - case by case, tailored to specific regulations, industry standards and their own, internal quality management standards. Lichtvision provides pre-test advice, then performs and documents the tests to exacting standards - in clearly formulated, easy to understand handbooks and project-specific documentation. This material is also enormously useful to any third parties involved in the project - particularly when software components require integration in other applications or must be interfaced with other products.