The ProbitBench is where all information comes together. It is the common base for all Probit products and is free for download.

Data can be exchanged, like reading a real installation and transferring the data into the simulator or compare test procedure protocols with in field recordings from a sniffer.

Separate windows do enable a parallel view on multiple aspects.

Also for offline work the free ProbitBench with all its analysis tools, enables everybody everywhere to work with the data.

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Key facts

·     Navigator
Browse through result files and have the outcomes at a glance
·     Sequences
Choose and run normative tests (only available to DIIA members) and stay informed live about test steps and results
·     Sniffer
View IEC62386 frames with interframe timings at 1µs resolution
·     Bitscope
Dive into the bus signal stream and check for any timings
·     Mediator
For easy transmitting of IEC62386 commands and display the corresponding answers

System requirements

·     2.0GHz processor (min.), Intel Core i5/i7 4th gen or above (recommended)
·     2048MB (min.), 4096MB or above (recommended)
·     1280 x 960 (min.), 1920 x 1080 or above (recommended)
·     Windows 7 SP1 / Windows 8 / Windows 8.1 / Windows 10
(limited support for East Asian OS Version only)
·     For automated light measurement:
·     Extech SDL400 (lux meter)
·     Extech 407001-USB (USB interface cable)