ProbitGears | DALI Simulator Tool

ProbitGears is a DALI simulator tool delivering an unique potential for testing DALI control devices.

The small box is capable of simulating up to 65 control gears like LED drivers, emergency lighting or colour devices in parallel, covering the whole address space of any DALI system.

End the Trial & Error if you use ProbitGears. It enables access to parameters, invisible from the outside. With our DALI simulator tool you have all of them on your screen and you can manipulate each of them at run time. Introduce individual characteristics of certain manufacturer’s devices or even make them act erratic.

This gives you the chance to detect and eliminate weak points of your DALI control devices during development which have been untested until now. They are often responsible for significant problems in the field endangering a good reputation.

With the ProbitGears you will save space, material, costs and time at once. It is the most efficient way for testing DALI control devices!

ProbitGears | DALI Simulator Tool

Key facts

  • Simulation
    Up to 65 control gears
    Multiple device types
    Real time visualization and modifying access
  • System level test
    Full size virtual installation
    Testing the behaviour of control devices
    Simulation of each individual bit timing
  • ProbitBench software
    Simulator tab with property grid
    Configurable overview and comparison sheet
    Luminaire representative desktop icons
  • Pocket sized box
    Enabling labs to share one system

Technical specification

  • 2 x 4mm laboratory jack for DALI
  • MiniUSB connector to PC (min. 400mA USB supply power required)
  • Size approx. 94mm x 144mm x 26mm
  • Weight approx. 180g

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