ProbitLab (EOL)

The ProbitLab, as predecessor of the ProbitLab2, is a platform for testing of IEC62386 Edition1 & Edition2 control gears and control devices without bus power supplies to improve the interoperability.

The ProbitLab together with the ProbitBench enables to run the IEC62386 normative test sequences distributed by the DIIA.

All together they are the authorized test equipment for product approval and registration in order to bear the logo of the DIIA.

NOTE: The ProbitLab is EOL and is replaced by the ProbitLab2.

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Key facts

·     Signal generator
Adjustable high and low voltage
Adjustable rise and fall times
Adjustable current limiter
·     Connectivity
For external oscilloscope and ampere meter
Switchable AC DUT supply input
6 high capacity switching relay outputs
8 digital inputs
4 analog inputs
·     Product certification
Running the IEC62386 Edition1 & Edition2 test procedures
·     ProbitBench software
Selection and control of test procedures
Send individual commands
Sniffer for analyzing telegrams
BitScope for analyzing the bus signal timing
·     19" rack mount design
For integration in existing laboratary equipment

Technical specification

·     Supply voltage 85V to 230V (5A medium delay fuse protection)
·     AC DUT supply input up to 230VAC/4A
·     Double circuit breaker for DUT supply input voltage protection (C4 characteristic)
·     High capacity switching relay output up to 230VAC/16A
·     Input range of the digital inputs is 5V - 230VAC/VDC
(Minimum 2mA input source required)
·     Input range of analog inputs is -10V to +10V
(Input resistance 82kOhm)
·     Size approx. 483mm x 132mm x 252mm
·     Weight approx. 6.3kg

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·     ProbitLab firmware
·     It is recommended to use the latest Probit driver

New changes

·     For ProbitBench V4.3.0.0 and higher
·     Revised communication protocol for future needs

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 Probit Driver Package



·     Probit hardware driver
·     WHQL certified
·     Note: Previous non-WHQL drivers have no signature so that on some Windows OS versions (e.g. 64-bit versions) you need to install them in a special mode. Follow these instructions.

New changes

·     WHQL certified
·     ProbitDongle device added

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Why the ProbitLab is not running?

·     Answer: Please make sure the main supply is connected correctly to the ProbitLab and the main supply switch at the back side is on.
·     Answer: Please make sure the emergency button is not pressed.

Why I cannot measure a voltage at the DALI terminals?

·     Answer: After power up of the ProbitLab the DALI terminals are disabled. After connecting with the ProbitBench software you are able to activate the integrated DALI bus power supply.
·     Answer: Please make sure you have either connected an ampere meter correctly to the current measurement terminals or bypass these terminals with the delivered short-circuit adapter.