NimbitDesk “Chekov” | Wireless Desk Presence Sensor

The NimbitDesk “Chekov” wireless desk presence sensor is based on Lichtvision’s versatile IoT connectivity platform with combined WLAN and Bluetooth based mesh option.

This dual connectivity allows for both: a hassle-free start as well as limitless scalability. With the WLAN interface, the Chekov can be integrated into any existing network in a matter of seconds. The additional Bluetooth interface on the other hand offers all advantages of mesh technology for space covering and expansion.

For the Bluetooth part the implemented Bluerange® technology offers highest performance not only in data transfer, but also in maintenance functionality like grouped over-the-air firmware updates and cloud accessibility.

Using the MQTT protocol for structured data exchange, the platform enables direct telemetry data transfer to any cloud based service and vice versa to display information to the user.

The integrated NFC interface allows extra easy setup via any mobile device.

Nimbit is Lichtvision’s new IoT product line and the NimbitDesk “Chekov” wireless desk presence sensor is the first product of the Nimbit family, developed in cooperation with Waldmann in Germany and available to the market as Waldmann’s “Chekov”.

NimbitDesk "Chekov" | Wireless Desk Presence Sensor

Key facts

  • Presence sensor
    High sensitivity PIR detection
    Adjustable detection range with shutter
  • Two additional user push buttons
  • RGB colour LED as status feedback
  • Cloud communication using MQTT protocol
  • Connectivity
    BTmesh by Bluerange
    NFC for configuration

Technical specification

  • Power supply voltage 5VDC (via microUSB)
  • Power consumption approx. 0.5W
  • Maximum recommended ambient temperature for PIR detection +28°C
  • Wireless connectivity via Bluetooth and WLAN (both 2.4GHz)
  • Configuration via NFC 13.56 MHz
  • Size approx. 137mm x 108mm x 23mm
  • Weight approx. 108 g

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