Customer Lichtvision for DALI Working Party
Production and Distribution by LVI-Technologies

Launch 2009

Challenge The user shall be provided with the complete potential of the test system, available within a minimum period of vocational adjustment.

Solution The ProbitBench features several synchronized analysing tools organised as a tool chain that virtually dives into a DALI signal. Its background recording function guarantees that not even the most infrequent event gets lost or overlooked. Every detail can be analysed later.

Sequences The user easily check-marks the desired test procedures and then presses the play button. By selecting a certain sequence step, the analysing process can be continued on the next level.

Sniffer Here all DALI messages are displayed in a chronologically order. A double click on any line pushes the analysis to the final level.

Bitscope The Bitscope can display the logical bus signal at micro-second resolution. Information like the exact bit time or frame information is displayed additionally.

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