Gobo Rotator

Customer ERCO

Launch 2008

Challenge The client asked for a new driver hardware fitting into the current DALI based lighting track system to match the new projection system. Indispensable requirements for such applications are a precise position control and a minimum of running noise at the same time.

Solution The firmware is running an extremely high resolution PWM, driving the stepping motors. This micro-stepping technology allows each standard step to be split into several tens of thousands of invisible extra steps.

Further features Besides quiet operation techniques and a precise positioning, a further function - Soft Transitions - was implemented. These soft transitions enable the system to move from one position to another in a given time while using an acceleration and deceleration phase. The result is an entire harmonic transition movement suitable for top class ambient lighting. The reference movement, endless rotation schemes and the usage of the DALI memory banks for operating hours counter are only a few examples of the full potential of the product.