Software Design

Products designed by Lichtvision are delivered complete with appropriate firmware. Depending on the performance of the hardware, we work in either C or C++. Runtime relevant aspects are optimized as needed in assembly code. Of equal importance is programming the software user interface: Lichtvision develops GUIs (Graphic User Interfaces), configuration and systems controls including all required applications - from Windows-based programs through ETS-entries for KNX-Projects and continuing on to include Apps for Smart-phones and Tablet-PCs.

Achieving this requires more than just technical expertise. Lichtvision maintains a strategic overview of both end-users and decision makers - from planers, architects and technical firms right through to installation. Lichtvision knows them all. Integrating their concerns in software solutions the market will accept. Solutions following the "Less is More" maxim. Optimizing and streamlining the Man-Machine Interface to the point where it becomes one of the product's strengths.