Technology Consulting

In order to discover new markets and conceptualize products, Lichtvision analyzes new, innovative technology for its usefulness in specific areas of application: Which type of technology is currently in use? What's on the horizon? Who's backing it? What about market standardization? Who sets industry standards? What costs are inherent in which technology?

We answer these questions and go further, delivering strategic advice for your success, while keeping an eye on the competition, their products, position, performance, as well as user scenarios and technical solutions.

Lichtvision supports clients launching new products by creating educational materials and conducting employee training courses. Our skill enhancement seminars may be configured for open or closed groups made up of your staff or representatives from cooperating companies. Curricula vary from specific technologies to general topics. We identify channels of distribution and marketing and if desired, we personally lecture at trade shows and client events. Or simply provide marketing arguments and background information, encompassing advantages and differences related to your products and your competition.