Lichtvision Engineering is the partner for anyone involved in lighting, interface technology and building automation.
Our in-house design department oversees State-of-the-Art projects worldwide.

Developers, end-users, service providers and manufacturers all benefit from our key position on the line between development and practice.

From this unique vantage point we're connected to your project from concept right through to implementation. Lichtvision never looses sight of the Big Picture while our integrated, outside the box thinking helps bring light to the darkness.

Lichtvision doesn't stop with product specifications. We go further, with concrete analysis and project-wide oversight:

What's the overall goal?
What does the market demand?
What are the requirements?
What's doable?
And how do we get there?

Lichtvision's service spectrum is as broad as the needs of our clients ranging from forward-looking, market-driven concepts of new products through the evaluation of established solutions. Custom tailored service modules enable clients to evaluate their product at any point in its life-cycle aided by Lichtvision as an integrated, external resource.