DALI Testing

Establishing the most reliable level of interoperability among DALI devices is the key for a successful business for the manufacturers of DALI components in the future.

Lichtvision offers the conducting of the normative test procedures according to Edition1 and latest Edition2 with the official test system ProbitLab (see list of available test sequences).

Lichtvisionís long-time DALI experience and special know how - in application, development, standardisation, and testing - will guarantee our customers a competent execution of the tests and consolidated findings.

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Available test sequences

·     Edition 1
IEC62386-102 ed1
IEC62386-201 ed1
IEC62386-202 ed1
IEC62386-203 ed1
IEC62386-204 ed1
IEC62386-205 ed1
IEC62386-206 ed1
IEC62386-207 ed1
IEC62386-208 ed1
·     Edition 2
IEC62386-101 ed2
IEC62386-102 ed2


·     Functional and ready wired DUT with light source
·     Clarification of all technical aspects for running the tests


·     XML files
·     Test report with error analysis, normative references and recommendations


·     Two hours for discussion of the test findings