ProbitGears delivers an unique potential for testing DALI control devices. It simulates up to 65 control gears like LED drivers, emergency lighting or phase cut dimmers in parallel, covering the whole address space of any DALI system.

ProbitGears is a small box with a DALI interface. On the back it is connected and powered via USB. The PC software grants full access to every detail of the simulations inside. Every event is visualized, recorded and actually can be modified at run time.

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Key facts

·     Simulation
Up to 65 control gears
Multiple device types
Real time visualization and modifying access
·     System Level Test
Full size virtual installation
Testing the behaviour of control devices
Simulation of each individual bit timing
·     ProbitBench Software
Simulator tab with property grid
Configurable overview and comparison sheet
Luminaire representative desktop icons
·     Pocket sized box
Enabling labs to share one system

Technical specification

·     2 x 4mm laboratory jack for DALI
·     MiniUSB connector to PC (min. 400mA USB supply power required)
·     Size approx. 94mm x 144mm x 26mm
·     Weight approx. 180g