The ProbitBench is where all information comes together. It is the common base for all Probit products and is free for download.

Data can be exchanged, like reading a real installation and transferring the data into the simulator or compare test procedure protocols with in field recordings from a sniffer.

Separate windows do enable a parallel view on multiple aspects.

Also for offline work the free ProbitBench with all its analysis tools, enables everybody everywhere to work with the data.


The ProbitLab2, as successor of the ProbitLab, is a platform for testing of IEC62386 Edition1 & Edition2 control gears, control devices and bus power supplies to improve the interoperability.

The ProbitLab2 together with the ProbitBench enables to run the IEC62386 normative test sequences distributed by the DIIA.

All together they are the authorized test equipment for product approval and registration in order to bear the logo of the DIIA.


ProbitGears delivers an unique potential for testing DALI control devices. It simulates up to 65 control gears like LED drivers, emergency lighting or phase cut dimmers in parallel, covering the whole address space of any DALI system.

ProbitGears is a small box with a DALI interface. On the back it is connected and powered via USB. The PC software grants full access to every detail of the simulations inside. Every event is visualized, recorded and actually can be modified at run time.